DESTE 33+: 2015-2022


More than a catalogue of recent exhibitions, DESTE 33+: 2015-2022 is a map to the fascinating web of collaborations and friendships at the heart of Dakis Joannou’s curatorial world. A rich array of archival images and new essays lends an overarching view to the DESTE Foundation’s recent work. At once studded with contributions by such greats as Urs Fischer, Kara Walker, and Jeff Koons, it also introduces members of the younger generation continuing to shape and challenge contemporary art. “DESTE has always had a stake in the current climate,” Joannou notes, and, even in the face of the pandemic’s upheaval, continues “engaging in a global dialogue and offering a platform for new voices.” Eight years after the release of the landmark edition DESTE 33 Years: 1983–2015, which introduced a broad audience to the DESTE project, DESTE 33+: 2015-2022 is an essential primer on the state of the arts today.

Edited by:
Karen Marta
Year of publication:
English / Hardcover / 21.5 x 29 cm / 420 pages