Art Publication DESTE 33+: 2015-2022 More than a catalogue of recent exhibitions, "DESTE 33+: 2015-2022" is a map to the fascinating web of collaborations and friendships at the heart of Dakis Joannou’s curatorial world. A rich array of archival images and new essays lends an overarching view to the DESTE Foundation’s recent work. Available soon at Artbook|D.A.P. Exhibition Catalogue Jeff Koons: Apollo As the definitive record of Jeff Koons’s transcendent offering to Apollo, Jeff Koons: Apollo brings together lush plates of the eponymous 2022 DESTE exhibition alongside an essay by Daniel Birnbaum and an extensive interview between the artist and Dakis Joannou. Available soon at Artbook|D.A.P. Art Publication 2000 Words: Maurizio Cattelan Part of the "2000 Words" series conceived by Massimiliano Gioni and published by DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, this monograph contains an essay by Gioni that excerpts his previous writings on Cattelan, his close friend and collaborator. Available at Artbook|D.A.P. Exhibition Catalogue Kiki Smith: Memory In 2019, multidisciplinary artist Kiki Smith was invited to present a site-specific project at the DESTE Foundation Project Space in Hydra, a former slaughterhouse perched on the edge of the sea. Alongside photographs of the installation and texts by Maggie Wright and Nadja Argyropoulou, "Memory" presents documentation of Smith’s process using a variety of materials including sculpture, textiles, and drawings. Available at Artbook|D.A.P. Art Publication 2000 Words: Jeff Koons Part of the "2000 Words" series, this monograph contains an essay by Massimiliano Gioni andNatalie Bell examining Jeff Koons' parallels to Duchamp and the function of readymades over the course of his career. Available at Artbook|D.A.P. Exhibition Catalogue THE SAME RIVER TWICE: CONTEMPORARY ART IN ATHENS Published on the occasion of the 2019 exhibition "The Same River Twice," this catalogue offers a portrait of a city with an artistic dynamism that continues to unfold as artists seek new models for creative output and exchange. Available at the Benaki Museum, Pireos St. and at Artbook|D.A.P.